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How to Make a Small Space Feel LARGE

Hello everyone! A friend of mine recently asked if I would put together a blog that gives some tips on making a small space feel larger. I think this post is especially relatable considering most of us probably don’t have an unlimited budget or live in a sprawling mansion at the moment (if you do please hire me). Here are some ideas for those of us tackling a small space:


Lighter colors on walls and floors create a larger, more open feel in a room. If you have dark hardwoods, consider putting a light, neutral area rug down. If your walls are currently a dark gray, paint them white! I love the simplicity of the kitchen above, it’s a tiny space but doesn’t feel like it.


Using mirrors in a small space can have a dramatic affect when it comes to enlarging the feel of the room. In the above example they’ve done a whole wall which is a cool look but even a smaller framed mirror that hangs over a sofa can make a big difference.


Not literally… But bring everything up. Floor to ceiling drapery, tall pieces, anything that draws your eye up will visually enlarge a room.

TIP: If you have curtains for your window, hang them high and wide. For example, hang them up to the ceiling (if you have an 8-10ft ceiling), and make sure they’re hung on the sides of the window not covering the window! This makes a huge difference.


Correctly proportioned furniture is very important. This goes for any room but is especially important when you’re working with a tight space. For example, say you’re furnishing a really small bedroom. Don’t try to fit your bed, 2 nightstands, and a dresser into the space! I’ve lived for years without a dresser… get some of those stackable plastic drawers and put them in your closet. They save space and can be arranged and placed wherever you want. Don’t cram.

Notice the furniture in the photo above, none of the pieces have a block base. The couch and TV console both have legs on them and the chair they used has a very open bottom. This gives the room a much more open feel. If you’re confused by what a block base is check out the photo below… the couch on the left, chairs on the right,  and TV console on the right have block bases.



This is going to be tough if you have hoarding tendencies but when you’re trying to maximize the space in a room, clutter is enemy number 1. Think outside of the box and come up with creative ways to store what you need to store, and then toss the rest. Honestly, it’ll make a huge difference.


Cantaloupe rule: decorative items smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room.

In a small space you’re going to want to go with a few large accessories/ pieces of art as opposed to a lot of smaller items. Small items crowd a room and larger items do the opposite.

I think the room below represents a great overall use of a small space, it’s cozy but open. The furniture is not over sized or bulky but there is still enough there to accommodate a good amount of people.

I hope you are able to take some of these tips and use them in your own home! If you would like me to write a blog on something specific or have any questions, let me know in the comments section below or on my Facebook Page.


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