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Make Your Sofa So-Fun

Sofas… they’re the best place to be at the end of a long day, a place where we can have conversations with friends and family, put our feet up, watch tv. In this post I’m going to show you some things you can do, not necessarily to your sofa but more around your sofa, that can add a lot of style to your room.

There are two ways a sofa generally sits in a room:

Against something (i.e a wall or window).

Personal Home Tour

Not against something.

Lincoln Park Master Suite

For sofas that are not against anything it’s really fun to add a piece of furniture behind it so that you’re not just staring at the back of a couch. Sofa tables are great for this but you can also use book cases, game tables, low dressers, chests, etc… These pieces not only look great but are also very functional. Here are some examples:

Lake Front Estate
Williamsburg Residence
Modern Waterfront Kitchen
Interior Design and Decorating
Living Room
1780 Ridgecrest Drive
Contemporary Living Room
For sofas that are against a wall try putting something in between the sofa and the wall. No one I know has done this in their home! One of you needs to do this and send me pics! This will give the room a totally different look. Use a tall book case, a sofa table, a pair of cabinets (so cool), or even built-ins…

Living Room

Designed by Jeff lewis
Example of cabinets behind the couch. I’m ENDLESSLY inspired by basically everything Jeff Lewis does.
Bay Area Home Addition
Green Hills
This is the work of a local Nashville designer, Hannah Crowell. She’s amazing and hilarious and these built-ins are on point.
North Van Renvovation
Tip: If you like the built-in book shelf look but don’t have the space to move your sofa forward to put anything behind it you can always put a tall bookshelf on either side of the sofa to achieve a really cool look as well.
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  1. Glori Glori

    I really like the idea of something behind the sofa especially the table and chairs . Very practical.

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