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Once You Go Black…

One of my all-time favorite colors to add to a room is black; It’s timeless and classy. ┬áThe key with black is moderation and contrast. I’ve put together some examples on how to best use black in a space without creating an overbearing look:


Black frames are an easy, inexpensive way to introduce some sophistication into a space.


It’s not my personal taste to have an entire room painted black (unless it’s a theater room). However, I do love the look of an accent wall in black! If you decide to do this be sure to include white to balance it out.

Mallin Cres - DenFurniture/ Accessories

The spaces below are a great example of adding black in moderation.

High End Residence turns Boutique Hotel DesignScot Meacham Wood Design Hospital Home Lottery 2012 - Den

Floors + Doors


Also- If you haven’t checked out tile lately there are some incredible new designs out there.

Have you used black in your home? Let me know in the comments section!

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